1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

Vehicle Profile


Make: Chevrolet

Model: Chevelle

Year: 1968



Chassis: Custom built chassis by PDI

Suspension: Air Ride suspension

Air Bags: Slam Specialties Air Bags

Compressors: Viair Compressors

Valves: GC Valves

Tires: Front: 245/45/R20 Falken Azenis FK453; rear 295/25/R22 Falken Azenis FK453

Wheels: Front 20×8.5-inch Budnik Revolver, rear: 22×10-inch Budnik Revolver

Brakes: Front Wilwood 14-inch, six-piston; rear: Wilwood 14-inch, four-piston

Transmition: ICI six-speed transmission, Mooneyes pushbutton shifter

Interior: Custom door panels, custom dash, Classic Instrument gauges, custom floating center console, Vintage Air Gen IV A/C, Glide Engineering bucket seats, Bentley leather

Exhaust: Magnaflow stainless steel exhaust

Body & Paint: Custom Paint/Royal Plating Brushed nickel trim and bumpers, PPG Arrival Blue paint, Steele Rubber weatherstripping

Engine: Tum Key Engine Supply/Chucky Bond 740-hp LS2, Kenne Bell supercharger, brushed nickel accessories

Bumpers: Plating Brushed nickel trim and bumpers