SnugTop has been in the business of pro-ducing high-quality truck caps for more than 50 years. Throughout its long history, SnugTop has remained current with the market and offers high-quality, well-designed products to fit the needs of both recreational and work truck users. All caps, from its sleek tonneau covers to fitted truck caps, are made at Snug-Top’s facility in Long Beach. We opted for the SnugTop SnugLid SL because of its sleek and low-profile styling.

The design of the lid contours to the curves of modern trucks for an integrated look. The lid came color matched perfectly to the factory paint on the ’13 Ram 1500 truck. Some of the features Include a gas strut and hidden hinge system, as well as an LED light and carpeted headliner. The installation only requires a few hand tools, and with the Snugrip mounting system there is no need for any drilling or modifications to the factory bed. You will need a few friends to help you install the SnugTop lid, however, to avoid damaging the paint. A waterproof locking system ensures that your cargo and valuables are secured as the lid covers the tailgate. In about an hour’s time, you can have your bed secure and add an integrated accessory that matches the style of your truck.

Regular cab trucks do not offer Flimuch in the way of a storage area aside from the area behind the seats. This leaves the bed as the only way to transport not just large items, but gro-ceries, luggage and other valuables as well. Unfortunately, the bed is open to the elements, and more importantly, thieves. This is where a bed cover comes into play. There are several different options and styles available from color-matched lids to camper shells. We headed over to Snug-Top in Long Beach, California, to see the different options and select which best fits with the style and functionality of this .13 Ram 1500 truck.

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