It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since the first LINE-X dealers began spraying a two-part polyurethane mate-rial designed to protect the vulnerable steel boxes of our beloved truck beds. Many of us can remember a time when the preferred product to protect a truck bed was a large slippery plastic liner that if not properly installed, was known to fly out on the high-way and create havoc. This type of product was cumbersome, offered minimal impact resistance, and most of all, trapped moisture between the liner and the sheet metal creating a safe haven for rust to run rampant, damag-ing your truck bed instead of protecting it. The slick plastic didn’t offer much traction either.

The spray-on revolution offered a solution to the problem with more impact protection, and by eliminating the water trap that the drop-in design could never overcome. Converting people to the spray-on method was no easy task, though. Most scoffed at the fact that squirting some plastic in their bed was going to outperform a drop-in liner. The first 10 years or so resulted in the big bed liner propaganda rally that has since leveled off. Throughout the last few years, truck enthusi-asts have heard less about how a spray-on bed liner outperforms a drop-in liner mainly because the product speaks for itself. Truck owners now swear by spray-on liners, and drop-in liners have gone the way of the dodo. Spray-on liners have worked ther way from an obscure idea to the top of truck owners’ most-wanted list. Although not the first company to offer the spray-on product, but arguably one of the most recognized and respected manufacturers, LINE-X has remained at the forefront of the industry, always improving and refining the art of application, protection and customer satis-faction. More than 500 worldwide, factory-trained technicians pride themselves on offer-ing only the very best In truck bed technology. The original LINE-X formulation remains the benchmark of quality for the bed liner industry, where many “Brand-X” companies tout their product as “just like LINE-X” as they attempt to emulate LINE-X’s proven reputation of superior truck bed protection.

So what do they do for an encore? Why should LINE-X continue to improve a product that already outperforms the competition? The answer is simple: because they want to. Not because they can, but because they want to.
One of LINE-X’s many strengths as a manufac-turer is constant inovation of new applications for its products. The list of possible applica-tions for LINE-X products is endless, including countless automotive applications, and even some top-secret military applications. LINE-X is proud to offer the new Platinum Line of truck bed protection. This formula, proven through military service, offers up to 300% more protection than the original, is now available to the rank and file truck owner and can be installed at any of the 500 LINE-X loca-tions. To learn more, we dropped by our local LINE-X store to get the skinny on how the new Platinum material is applied. In the parking lot, we notced a new Ram truck, still with its paper “plates.” Once we looked in the bed, though, we were shocked to see how much abuse it’d al-ready been subjected to. We were told not to worry because the Platinum liner was designed for just this type of scenario. Let’s take a look at how the crew at LINE-X installed the new Plat-inum liner in a Ram in two hours.

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