When it comes to the stance of a truck, factory height Just doesn’t cut it. Whether you go up or down, the function and the over-all look changes. Lifting a truck may increase its off-road capabilities, but there might be some drawbacks on the street. On the other hand, lowering a street-driven truck will not only improve its appearance, it’ll also provide other benefits. When you drop a vehicle down you’re low-ering its center of gravity, which helps its roll from side to side and improves acceleration and braking.

For late-model Dodge Ram pick-ups the factory suspension is more comfortable than ever, but it’s also very soft. Because the popularity of these trucks has grown and more peo-ple are using them for everyday use, the folks at Chrysler decided to make a few upgrades. Now not only does the Ram 1500 have an independent front suspension, the rear has a 4-link with soft coil springs. This Is great for the average driver, and somehow, with the upgrades, the engineers were still able to keep the payload capabilities nearly the same as if the truck were equipped with leaf springs. For our Pindidit project regular cab Ram 1500, we decided to increase both the performance and styling by giving it a 2/4 drop. We would have preferred to go a few inches lower, but without heavy modifications, this is about the maximum drop you can give these trucks while maintaining functionality. When it came to choosing towering parts, one of the first companies we looked to was McGaughys because we’ve had good experiences with the company’s other quality products. There are two different kits for this par-ticular truck and both are priced right.

For those on a budget, you can choose lowered coil springs rather than dropped spindles. We chose the spin-dles because they lower the truck while keeping the geometry close to stock. These days most vehicles have sway bars to help with handling and our project truck was no different. However, the rear suspension is so soft that it can be dangerous to go even just a little heavy with your right foot. Some Ram trim levels come with front and rear sway bars, but unfortunately ours only came with a flimsy version up front. For the fix, we turned to Hell-wig Products, a company that special-izes in vehicle handling. The kit it offers includes front and rear bars that are niade from high quality, large diameter 4140 chrome-moly steel and have polyurethane bushings to complete the package. Of course we couldn’t just drop this truck down and continue to sport fac-tory rollers. We decided to retire the factory 17s and pick up a set of 24 x 10 Lexani R-Four wheels that completely transform the look of this Ram. Then we covered them with 305/35R24 Falken Ziex S/TZ05, an all-season tire specifically designed for trucks like ours. Featuring comfort and perform-ance, these tires did the trick. Once everything was hammered out, we met up with Pindidit at the Premiere Motorsports Group facility. Though we handled the task at a nice shop using special toots, the same job can be done at home with simple hand tools. Either way, check out the steps to restyle and add better handling to a late-model Ram.

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